Customized Research Solution Delivers Focus Group Quality Insights Quickly and Cost-Effectively

Customized Research Solution Delivers Focus Group Quality Insights Quickly and Cost-Effectively


Jun 06, 2009

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Denver, CO. (June 6, 2009) – iModerate, a leader in the online qualitative research arena, has launched a solution that delivers qualitative insight without the hassles and limitations that can hamper organizations. The new version of Optimum!nsight answers the call of researchers, marketers and advertisers by providing a flexible, efficient and cost-effective option to harness the voice of the customer.

Optimum!nsight utilizes iModerate’s live, professionally moderated, one-on-one interview sessions to uncover focus group quality insights online. With this offering, iModerate maximizes the feedback from individual, personalized conversations to arrive at meaningful and holistic insights. The advent of this solution gives clients candid, in-depth feedback and simplifies the research process by removing the barriers commonly associated with qualitative – cost, turnaround time and geographic representation.

“Obtaining the voice of the customer is paramount in today’s world,” said Carl Rossow, iModerate’s founder.”Organizations have been clamoring for a way to acquire this insight without the typical impediments. With this in mind, we completely revamped our online qualitative solution to give people the price, speed and customization they want and the in-depth insight they need.”

Optimum!nsight has been completely reconstituted to provide maximum flexibility and customization. Unlike with many other methods, there is no set number of participants, no ticking clock to hinder organic conversation and no geographic boundaries. Optimum!nsight can accommodate both large and small base sizes, varying degrees of discussion complexity and a wide variety of stimuli. With a seat behind the glass, clients also have the ability to actively play a role in the insight gathering process by sharing ideas, redirecting the session or debriefing in real-time. Moreover, Optimum!nsight’s new interactive platform allows iModerate’s moderators to engage respondents with specific stimuli in a variety of ways, or give participants the ability to create and share their own imagery.

About iModerate Research Technologies
iModerate Research Technologies listens, connects and digs deeper with consumers online to provide the research story organizations need to win in the marketplace. Years of research and development by veteran field experts, as well as analytical specialists, produced the concept, methodology and software that have allowed iModerate to help Fortune 500 companies, large and boutique research firms and prominent organizations strengthen their research results. Focused on providing customized qualitative solutions, iModerate is broadening online research capabilities by delivering essential qualitative insight. iModerate is based in Denver, Colorado. For more information please visit www.imoderate.com.

The results we received from the iModerate one-on-one, in-depth conversations were much more enlightening than what we typically garner from open-ended verbatim responses. The live moderator offers us the ability and flexibility to probe deeper on certain points, enabling us to get stronger, less vague information. That unique capability has proved extremely valuable to us, and has made this IM-based platform an integral part of our research toolbox.

Colleen Hepner, VP, C&R Research